Monday, September 5, 2011


I couldn't leave you with that ugly picture of tofu scramble so I'm giving you Surprise Cookies. I'm hardly a fan of Martha Stewart but she has some good recipes and tips. I saw a posting of this one and had to make it, particularly because I wanted to use my Sweet & Sara vanilla marshmallows for something fun before I ate them all. I had to act fast. Without further ado, I give you Surprise Cookies!

A little about marshmallows. I think most people know that they are not vegetarian due to the gelatin in marshmallows. If you want to find out what gelatin is really made of, click the link. Otherwise just take my word for it that they are not vegetarian.

Candy, including marshmallows, are among them most difficult foodstuffs to make. Therefore, I highly recommend using store bought marshmallows. There are two brands that I am aware of. Sweet and Sara marshmallows taste more like big, dense, homemade marshmallows and they are local so they are easier for me to get. Dandies are fantastic marshmallows that taste like the mini-marshmallows that you ate as a kid.

For the Surprise Cookies, I used Sweet and Sara marshmallows. Martha's recipe calls for cutting a large marshmallow in half so I cut the large Sweet and Sara marshmallows in half. If I make these again, I may try for a whole marshmallow because I think you lose that taste a little bit with half. Of course I'll update the post when I do because I know you are all just hanging on the edge of your seat waiting.

Really, these could not be easier to make.

A couple of tips:
*I used direct substitutions for butter, eggs, and milk using Earth Balance, Ener-G Egg Replacer, and Soy Milk.
*Keep the marshmallows at room temperature before baking.
*If your frosting topping is runny, add in more confectioners sugar to stiffen it up.



My Food Isn't Pretty

I haven't been posting much because what I've been eating, although healthy and easy to make, isn't necessarily pretty to look at. Case in point...

Tofu Scramble with an Avocado & Sun-dried Tomato Spread
(also store bought veggie sausage which I think I've had twice in my life)

 Also you don't want to see pictures of a salad, that I eat everyday, consisting of lettuce, carrots, tofu chunks, and dried cranberries.

Have no fear, I have a backlog of desserts and fun things to post. Plus, it's fall! My favorite time of the year to cook and bake.