Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 3: Desserts

Desserts are my favorite part of Thanksgiving! Shocker, I know. I'm not much of a cook but I'm a terrific baker if I do say so myself. Sure I've experimented with a recipe or two that hasn't turned out well and then didn't have the time to make something new so I served it anyway :) Some of you may have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of those dishes. But I digress.

For a number of years now I have been in charge of Thanksgiving dessert at my house and everyone happily gobbles up my vegan treats. Apple pie and apple cake are traditions at our holiday meal but I usually try to add something else to the mix. I have been debating, for a while now, what my new dessert will be this Thanksgiving and I think I've found it.

Yesterday I went to Michaels to see if I could come up with something I wanted to package cookies in for holiday host(ess) gifts...and then I ended up buying half the store. Isn't that the way every trip to Michaels goes? This trip I ventured into a section of the store that I avoid like the plague at this time of the year, the Seasonal section. *queue the horror movie music*   I guess they're already looking to get rid of the Thanksgiving gear!? Probably because Christmas prep starts in September now. I found a super sweet fall red ceramic pie dish and almost wanted to die. Then I came across the cutest 5"x3" ceramic loaf dishes in fall colors. They were $1. Yes, $1. There's nothing that I like better than a good bargain. So I bought three of them, one brown, one yellow, and one green. I would imagine there were other colors but this is what was left at my store. I decided that I would use them to make mini loaves of bread instead of rolls. THEN I decided that I would also use them to make a dessert, Pumpkin Bread!

I came home and found a recipe for the bread so I decided to do a little test run. I cut the recipe by 4, which actually turned out to be too much for the loaf dish, I should have cut it by 5. After I made it I thought this would be a great option for people who don't like their desserts too sweet.

And for those that do like their desserts sweet, a simple sugar glaze on top will do. You can use a small amount of tofutti cream cheese or margarine and soy milk, and lots of powdered sugar.

Stay tuned for Desserts Part Deux....

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