Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember Those Weird California Cow Commercials?

Veggie Burger

The easiest meal and a staple in any busy vegetarian's diet is the veggie burger. Add a side salad or side vegetable dish and you have yourself a nice quick and easy meal.

You would think that veggie burger producers would make their veggie burgers vegan but most aren't. So, read those ingredients carefully. Generally with veggie burgers you just have to watch out for milk and egg ingredients.

But I digress...for one of my favorite veggie burger combos, cook your personal favorite veggie burger as indicated on the package.  Toast up a whole wheat bun. Top your burger with a little vegan cheese and some avocado for a fresh tasting veggie burger. Other options would be to add lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and a condiment such as an awesome vegan ranch dressing that you will be seeing a recipe on very soon...

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